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Puffer Puss Limited Edition Handmade Sculpture

$180.00 - $350.00

Puffer Puss is here!

"Puffer Puss is a baby kaiju purrmaid made of 1/2 kitty and 1/2 puffer fish. Like most domestic house cats, Puffer Puss loves to snuggle even though they're covered in spikes! Not your typical Disney cat mermaid, Puffer Puss loves being different and is happy being exactly the way they are."

Handmade collectible resin figure designed by Martin Hsu. Crafted and painted by Mr. Mitote.

Original colorway - Limited Ed. 15 pcs worldwide:

• Collector's Edition- 1 figure + 1 original Puffer Puss watercolor painting (framed w/glass) + 1 print. $350 set.

• Limited Edition- 1 figure + 1 print. $180 set.

3" H x 3" W x 4.5" L free-standing sculpture (on tiny tummy spikes!)

Each figure includes removable accessory cat collar with bell.

Ships November 2020

- - - - -

Puffer Puss was first created for an Art Show in 2011. 9 years in the making, I'm so excited to finally bring them to life!

Puffer Puss loves you!

Original character created by Martin Hsu. 2020©MartinHsu.

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