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LTD Prints - Four Seasons


Martin Hsu Fine Art Prints

• Limited Edition of 60 worldwide

• Hand numbered and signed by Martin Hsu

• $60 ea

'Four Seasons' - Spring Orchid, Summer Lotus, Autumn Chrysanthemum, Winter Plum Blossom

11 x 14" Giclée print Moab Entrada 290gsm Cotton Rag

Professionally created by Static Medium



Martin Hsu’s goldfish mermaids are a personification of auspicious keepings. They are great maternal spirits in our lives, blessed with grace and strength, looking after the past, present, and beyond.

The mermaids exist neither in air nor water, but in a quiet place Martin refers to as metta - a place within ourselves filled with benevolence, warmth, and loving-kindness. It’s where goodwill flourishes and happiness resides.

Like Mother Nature, goldfish mermaids command immense power. They are protectors of our essence represented by flora blooming in metta. Such flora includes Chinese flowers of the Four Seasons: orchid in the Spring, symbol of integrity and nobility; lotus in the Summer, symbol of purity and humility; chrysanthemum in the Autumn, symbol of longevity and vitality; and plum blossom in the Winter, symbol of courage and resilience. Goldfish mermaids are celestial guardians who effortlessly patrol this place to keep it safe from harm.

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